Back in the days when Windows integrated search was in versions before 4.0, Windows XP users had three choices for search on an XP machine – there was Google Desktop Search, which was good, but still developing, and really brought a lot of overhead that I did not need; there was Copernic, which was in a state of flux, and had a really nasty looking interface [angry fruit salad]; and there was X1, which had a very nice interface, did not use much memory, and did not make huge index files to clog up my hard drive. By the way, Windows Desktop Search before version 4 sucked like a six month old baby, ready to take the skin off the end of your finger.

X1 worked really great for me through several iterations, until the company decided that sponsorship by Yahoo was not enough, and they wanted some real money from the customers using the product.

I’d still be using the X1  Search product if they had not changed from free for personal use to everybody pays.

It is a great product. It continues to get better, and, by the way, so you don’t think I am cheap, it cost much more than the $10 than the new one for Apple mobile products costs.


X1 Technologies, maker of the X1 desktop search software, has now announced a mobile search app for iOS-based devices (Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that enables users to safely look through the data stored on their PCs without actually being in front of their systems.

X1 Mobile Search works in conjunction with X1 Professional Desktop Search (which has to be installed and running), and provides as-you-type instant search for emails, documents and other files which, once found, are sent securely to the iPhone/iPad/iPod for viewing, editing, sharing and such.

X1 Mobile Search will become available through the App Store later this month priced at $9.99.

I can see this becoming very big for PC users that have gotten themselves an iPad. It should become huge as the iPad takes off. This could be very handy for many on the go, and make the Windows Mobile Phones obsolete before they get released. After all, by the releases from Microsoft, the phones really don’t fully do Windows…


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