The newest version of Ubuntu Linux, with the familiar name Maverick Meerkat is out and ready for your download (mine is coming down by bit torrent as I write this, and I’m excited to get it burned and installed on the Linux partition of my laptop.

I had been waiting, then life intervened, and I forgot about it until I saw the notice on TechConnect tonight –

As promised yesterday the Ubuntu team has released their newest Linux-based operating system – Ubuntu 10.10. Codenamed Maverick Meerkat, the 10.10 version is available in three specialized releases – Desktop, Server and Netbook, and, as always, in several custom flavors (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc).

Ubuntu 10.10 comes with multiple performance improvements and features a new desktop interface (Unity) on the Netbook Edition, an updated Ubuntu One cloud service, the Ubuntu Software Centre which gives access to applications, games and tools, multi-touch support, updated software packages, the ‘Me Menu’ enabling quick access to Facebook and Twitter, the Ubuntu One Music Store, and more.

Ubuntu 10.10 can be downloaded (for free of course) from .

They are a few hours ahead, so it is October 11 there, but still (for a couple of hours) 10-10 here.

More later, I am excite!


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