There should be an image here!Everyone loves access to free wifi. After all, it costs us nothing while giving us instant access to the Web within a matter of seconds. But there is a hidden dark side to connecting blindly to foreign wireless networks. Often, these too good to be true network opportunities can actually be honey-pots designed to do malicious things to your computing experience. In other instances, it’s just a bug.

Take this article for example, in which users are being tricked into connecting to unknown ad-hoc wireless connections which means that everything is running through a computer rather than a router.  While not an issue for those relying on newer releases of Windows, those unpatched XP users out there are likely to run into the problem of the old “Free Public Wifi” conundrum.

The obvious moral of the story is to keep those systems patched and running the most up to date software possible. Unless this is running on an isolated LAN without Web access, it’s always wise to assume that something is trying to get in or worse, trying to get out. However you look at it, this is an issue that to this very day has proven to be a problem.