There should be an image here!Chrome is not just a browser any longer. Soon, it’s going to be known as an OS in addition to its browsing roots. Now the test images for Chrome OS have been available for sometime now. But now we are seeing indications that Google is nearing their point of being ready to release a viable candidate for the casual user.

The issues to be found thus far, basically come down to the following: it is not using any of the big desktop environments like KDE or GNOME, the OS is useless without an Internet connection, everything seems to be based on web applications. Honestly, this could be a huge success or a gigantic blunder for Google, depending on how you happen to look at it.

I remain very skeptical about Chrome OS as I feel it has failings attached to its reliance on broadband Internet or at least reliable dialup. Either way, it’s pretty risky. The fall back for Google is that they will be launching this on netbooks, thus hoping to soften the blow by falling back to Android if need be. That is my speculation on the issue, I may be completely wrong here.