There should be an image here!I hate it when I get lost. And without the help of someone who knows where they’re going, this happens to me more than I might like to admit. All of that being said, most people don’t really stop to think about getting lost in say, the local mall. But for those people visiting an area for the first time, having a mobile phone app that can provide you with a way to locate needed services is a real plus.

Enter the wonderful world of indoor map makers. As explained by this article, mobile apps for indoor maps are becoming a very popular concept. Think about it, folks needing to find something critical like the nearest bathroom could save themselves an unfortunate problem by having access to maps like this.

What is likely to happen in the future, is the localized maps will begin to be more dynamic, offering help for malls, schools and other indoor spaces that need to be mapped for those who visit the halls of these locations. Personally, I think options like this are great. They can prove to be a huge time saver. There is really no question about it. The next step will be seeing more augmented reality mapping taking place, assuming the trends continue as they have been.