There should be an image here!As I’m writing this sentence, an untold amount of content is being published online. By the time I finish writing this post, so much content will have been published online that it would take many years to digest all of it. There’s only so much that a person can keep up with in a day, and that’s why the way in which we consume content has to reflect that. Instead of trying to view and read everything that you’re interested in as soon as you see it, you can use Instapaper to save content for another time.

The idea of bookmarking a Web site to visit later certainly isn’t a new idea, but the simplicity and flexibility that Instapaper gives you will be appreciated. Not only will you be able to view saved content at a convenient time on your computer, but a variety of mobile options also exist if you’re away from your computer but still want to access your content. Keeping up with content is going to continue to be a problem, so you might as well get used to saving content for later.