There should be an image here!I believe, for most people, the idea that the iPhone is made of pretty good stuff goes without saying. After all, this is what Apple might have us believe. And bundled with its great Apple Care program, little hassle should be expected overall.

Unfortunately though, it seems that those new iPhone 4s have been less than great with the phone glass used on the surface of the phone itself. Seems that there are 82% more instances of screen breakage than with previous iPhone models.

To point out how ridiculous┬áthis is should go without saying. I am still using an old BlackBerry, so I cannot say that I’ve experienced such an iPhone 4 problem. Now for the really big question: have any of you experienced this?

If you have noticed this yourself or know of others, hit the comments and share your experiences with us. While it may not fix the phone problem at hand, it might help bring forth enough awareness  to prevent this happening with the next generation iPhone model.

[Photo above by Patrick Hoesly / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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