There should be an image here!Any time there are sharing options, such as Network Discovery, File Sharing, and Public Folder Sharing enabled on your computer, it poses a security risk. If you aren’t sharing anything on your computer, it’s best to turn sharing options off to protect your computer against unnecessary security threats.

To turn off sharing options in Windows 7:

  1. Click Start. In the search box, type Advanced Sharing.
  2. Click Manage advanced sharing settings.
  3. As you can see from the window that appears, you can change the sharing options for different network profiles. Click the drop down arrow beside your current profile.
  4. Select the following options:
    • Turn off network discovery
    • Turn off file and printer sharing
    • Turn off public folder sharing
  5. Click Save Changes.

[Photo above by Ian Muttoo / CC BY-ND 2.0]