There should be an image here!Next I am going to be told that there will be a Steve Jobs talk show. Seriously, while Apple has done amazing things…I cannot help but feel like there might be others within Apple who deserve more attention than Steve. Now before you misunderstand, I fully realize that Apple has managed to take the mobile phone market and flip it upside down. In short, they own that mind share lock, stock and barrel.

And while Steve Jobs is¬†undoubtedly¬†a big part of that, what about the folks who contributed their own ideas and took chances of being wrong in their own right? Clearly Apple is not a one man company! Still not getting through? How about this: outside of a clone, who is going to replace Jobs when he’s gone?

Clearly there is something of a love-like romance in the media with Apple=Jobs these days and I think it’s dangerous. While Steve Jobs is obviously incredibly successful because of his determination and talent, I remain steadfast that this cult of personality is going to do bad things for Apple down the line. All romances come out of their honeymoon period. And centering one around a single man, is just insane.