There should be an image here!Ah yes, the famed and mythical CDMA iPhone that will someday over the rainbow make a magical, leprechaun-like appearance. About the only truth in that is it would cost a pot of gold to get this to completion based on progress I’ve seen thus far. Nevertheless, this article indicates that Indian firms are “in talks” to get their hands on an iPhone supporting CDMA technology.

Now let me explain why I think India may have a real shot of making this happen. If going with CDMA is what it takes to get India on board with the iPhone in a very big way, you better believe Apple would be all over that. Next to China, they are one of the fastest growing mobile markets out there to date.

Once you bundle this with the expected revenue to be had by all involved, I think we might see India as the country that pushes Apple into going CDMA just a little quicker. GSM has been fun on AT&T here in the States and all, but I think it’s time to diversify a little bit. We’ve been hearing about how the iPhone is going to be coming to Verizon’s own CDMA network. Maybe this will finally be a way to make that happen?