A couple of weeks ago the new iPad app iStreamer caught my eye. It is a slick app that displays your lifestream from multiple sources as a timeline. After seeing a demo video of it in my gReader feed, I decided to purchase it on release. The initial release was plagued by crashing. The developer, AllofMe, was quick to put out an updated version that solved the crashing. The problem was, in between this time, I upgraded to iOS 4.2 beta which this app was not tested with yet and did not work.

AllofMe has been very gracious in accepting me into their upcoming beta test for its upcoming versions. New features include: caching, skins, and more Facebook detail. AllofMe has also told me that they have a Lite version coming soon as well.

In addition to the upcoming features list, AllofMe has provided me with 5 free codes for its current version of iStreamer to give away to my readers. The first 5 readers to follow TheModernGeek on Twitter and shoot me a mention receive a code for iStreamer for free (Good for the current version only). iStreamer sells for $3.99 on the App Store.

Keep an eye on my blog as AllofMe has stated they will provide me with 5 more free codes for the upcoming version in the future and I will giving them away as well as taking a more in-depth look at the app.