There should be an image here!While it may not be the iPhone exactly, at least we’ll see one of the iOS devices making its way to other carriers besides AT&T. As pointed out by this Apple Press Release, Verizon will be offering the Apple iPad in its stores. This is great news for Verizon customers looking to pick up an iPad for themselves or a family member.

Now there can be no real question that this is basically a matter of a holiday move to get more iPads into the hands of consumers this holiday season. After all, this is a great thing for Apple and Verizon alike. While it may not exactly be the iPhone release everyone has been waiting on, it’s a decent start.

So here’s the really big question. If you’ve been avoiding buying an iPad 3G based on its ties to AT&T, would one available from Verizon be more appealing to you? Hit the comments; share your thoughts on a new iPad from Verizon.