There should be an image here!After watching the video included with this article, I found both some truth and some exaggerations being sent forth. First off, I call BS on the claims of open source exhausting IT staff trying to follow up on support needs.

While I do agree that there is a price with Microsoft dictated formatting with Docx type file formats and the desire to run macros, I think much of what the video exclaimed is overstated. Then again, they are right about OpenOffice being one of the most dated looking software suites I’ve ever seen. Well that and spreadsheets load too slow with large files.

So is open office the devil? Guess it depends on who you are asking. While I think that it has some shortcomings, the idea that pointing to dictating a file format and how OpenOffice fails to support it when it wasn’t theirs to begin with, is silly. Personally, I hope that Libre Office revamps the project with something using less Java, with a cleaner UI to put videos like the one linked above, to bed.