How romantic. Get married at McDonald’s for just $400. I saw this on one of the UK sites for a Hong Kong wedding so I am not sure if it is being offered in the U.S. yet. But  if it does well in Hong Kong the remainder of the world will be next. It is a deal. Invite up to 100 people but no champagne or alcohol allowed. McDonald’s wants to maintain its image as a family friendly place.

In a recent news article it also stated:

Couples can tie the knot at the fast food chain in Hong Kong from January 2011.

But while you may think any self-respecting bride would blush if she were to get married there, McDonald’s claims it has decided to offer the service only after acquiescing to public demand for it.

The danger of barbecue sauce squirting down the bride’s dress is seemingly inconsequential when compared to some people’s attachment to their local branch and the desire for a Big Mac and fries.

The idea first came about after one couple, who met at a McDonald’s, held their wedding reception at a branch in Hong Kong earlier this year.

And the bride shouldn’t expect any special treatment, such as walking to the front of the queue to collect her Chicken McNuggets, because she will have to vye for space with normal customers as McDonald’s plans to keep the branch open as usual.

But if, given the auspicious beginnings, the marriage lasts at least a year, the happy couple can return to celebrate their union again because the chain also plans to host anniversary parties.

So if you are deciding to get married, maybe you deserve a break today, at McDonald’s. LOL

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Source -Mail Online