There should be an image here!I am running Ubuntu 10.10 on my Eee netbook and on my desktop. Honestly, I am happy with it on my desktop. But boy, did Ubuntu drop the ball on netbook performance. It’s easy to see why OEMs like System76 are skipping out on Ubuntu 10.10 and sticking with the stable 10.04.

In this article sharing nine things you need to do after installing Ubuntu 10.10, I was shocked that the article was fully of¬†niceties¬†without really addressing the issues. Yes, many of the items listed should be addressed. But there were other things that should be been included besides “theming” your new install.

I guess my gripe is that if you’re going to address a top nine list, why not understand that much of what is listed means little to upgrading users. Restricted codecs? Not for me, I upgraded.