There should be an image here!One thing I’ve noticed about many of us is that we sure like to insert unnecessary words into sentences. As a result, we end up with very wordy documents that only distract the readers from the points we’re trying to get across.

Want to make your writing less wordy (and thereby more effective)? Here are five tips you can try to reduce wordiness:

  1. Remove unnecessary words such as “very” and “extremely.”
  2. Remove unnecessary phrases such as “As a result,” “Given the fact that,” “For the purpose of,” etc.
  3. Omit the word “this” from a sentence by joining it to the preceding sentence using a comma.
  4. Replace passive verbs with active verbs.
  5. Avoid starting sentences with “It is” and “There are.”

[Photo above by Dimitri N / CC BY-ND 2.0]