There should be an image here!There is certainly no shortage of ways to communicate with other people online whether you want to use text, audio, video, etc. It’s not really about if you can connect with someone because it’s more about how you’ll connect with them. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have obviously grown in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Communication on these channels is simple, fast, and casual. For Twitter users, communicating using short tweets can be great, but what if you want to expand from there? enables you to have voice conversations with your Twitter followers while protecting your contact details.

Whether it’s a specific person or all of your followers, you can specify who you want to be able to call you, and by associating your phone number or Skype account with the service, the right people will be able to reach you by simply clicking on a link in a tweet. The call takes place in the browser for the person that’s calling you and there’s nothing for them to download. This is a cool tool for individuals, but it’s not hard to see what the benefits could be for businesses.