The world has watched as 33 Chilean miners were rescued after spending an incredible 69 days trapped in a mine. The miners have received celebrity status and could be in line for book deals, a movie and have received $10,000 from a local singer turned businessman. It has also been reported that Steve Jobs has given each of the rescued miners Apple iPods.

In a recent article it also stated that:

The events that unfolded in Chile, while traumatic for those who were trapped, has ended with the best possible outcome. All 33 miners have made it safely back to the surface after the nightmare that will surely go down as one of the greatest rescues of all time.

I am sure that these men will want to go jogging and jam to tunes after being trapped in a mine for over 2 months. The one miner who may find the iPod useful was the one who was met by his mistress while his wife stayed home. He will need the iPod to block out the sounds he will be hearing when he gets home. LOL.

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