There should be an image here!I love my external hard drives. I own a few; the two most frequently used are the older 200 GB drive alongside my 2 TB drive. I have different uses for each, but even running at a mere mortal speed of USB 2.0 capacity, I’ve been extremely happy with their abilities. Still, there would be something to be had with the experience of USB 3.0 speeds from the same device. Fat chance of that happening unfortunately.

Well at least buying USB 3.0 external drives is an option thanks to companies like Iomega. With the company recently introducing its new SSD external hard drives, I am finding myself keen with the idea of picking one of these things up for myself. Despite having to pay a little more for the joys of a solid state device, the rewards in speed and overall throughput make the investment a logical choice for many out there.

So what might something like this be best for? Well, how about drive cloning? Think about how quickly this could be done thanks in part to the speed of USB 3.0 and SSD on an external hard drive! This would be a wonderful thing indeed, especially for someone who does cloning on a regular basis like I do. Durable, fast, and providing the kind of experience heavy computer enthusiasts are looking for. You know, I am going to go out on a limb here and mention that these Iomega drives are likely to go pretty fast.

What say you? Are you going to be seeking out these new external drives once they are available in your neck of the woods? If not, what will you use in their place? However you roll with it, hit the comments and share your thoughts on these new drives. I am interested in hearing your perspectives on this.

[awsbullet:iomega 2 tb drive]