There should be an image here!SkySQL Ab, the alternative source for software, services and support for the MySQL database, today formally launched operations with the release of SkySQL Enterprise. The company, which is founded by former MySQL AB executives, personnel, and investors, is committed to furthering the future development of MySQL database technologies, while delivering cost-effective database solutions and exceptional customer service.

“When Sun was acquired by Oracle, there was a collective gasp in the MySQL community,” said Ulf Sandberg, CEO at SkySQL Ab. “MySQL supporters were rightfully anxious that growing the bottom line of big business would take precedence over further investment in the development of the MySQL franchise. In our view, progress of MySQL’s technology has been stymied, leading to a mass exodus for those involved in the technology. SkySQL has become a new haven for MySQL expertise due to our unwavering commitment to providing high quality, expert support of MySQL technology and services on a global scale.”

SkySQL Ab is funded by a number of prominent investors, including lead investor OnCorps, as well as Open Ocean Capital, which is comprised of certain of the founders of and investors in MySQL AB. With today’s news, SkySQL is currently in operation in 11 countries.

“SkySQL is becoming the new center of the MySQL ecosystem because our foundation of key experts is based on over a hundred years of experience in serving MySQL users commercially,” said Kaj Arnö, Executive Vice President of Products, SkySQL Ab. “These experts have joined our company to build a business dedicated to serving the users of MySQL and related technologies with commercial value add, while respecting open source values. Founding the company with these gifted minds puts SkySQL in a unique position to inherit and preserve the principles that made the MySQL database so appealing in the first place.”

The SkySQL Enterprise subscription is a comprehensive offering of server software, production support, and monitoring tools for any version of the MySQL database, including branches such as MariaDB. The SkySQL Enterprise subscription includes:

  • MySQL Server — offers users a highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective alternative to proprietary database solutions. A fully integrated, transaction-safe, ACID compliant database with full commit, rollback, crash recovery and row level locking capabilities, MySQL Server can be used for any production database application.
  • MariaDB Server — a backward compatible, drop-in replacement for the MySQL database server. Community developed, MariaDB is a stable and “always free” branch of MySQL. MariaDB is available with all of the major storage engines, and includes server optimizations and patches.
  • SkySQL Enterprise Monitor a “MySQL DBA in a box.” From resolving query bottlenecks to performance tuning, SkySQL Enterprise Monitor enables DBAs to manage their MySQL database deployments more efficiently.
  • SkySQL Visual Editor — a powerful, yet easy-to-use SQL database query editor tool. With its graphical user interface, SkySQL Visual Editor allows DBAs to more quickly and efficiently deploy their MySQL database servers.
  • SkySQL Technical Support — enables customers to maximize the availability and performance of their database applications. SkySQL offers both problem resolution support (to assist with general errors, service outages, and general usage) and consultative support (to assist with improving specific deployment). Additionally, because it employs many former MySQL support and consulting staff, SkySQL, along with its valued partners, is able to offer customers support for most versions of the MySQL database, including older (“end of life”) versions of MySQL and the MariaDB branch (a database solution from Monty Program Ab).

“Under normal circumstances investing in a company that offers solutions that compete with those from an industry heavyweight would be a losing bet,” said Bob Suh, CEO and Founder of OnCorps. “But we believe the MySQL community of users will value an alternative, particularly one that is delivered by the original team. We know that customers will continue to demand low pricing, collaborative service, and a model that incorporates the best contributions from the top social networking developers. We simply believe these can be better provided by a smaller, entrepreneurial company.”

As part of the company’s launch and to show its commitment to customer loyalty, SkySQL customers that purchase their 2011 subscriptions on or before December 15, 2010, will receive free support for the remainder of 2010. To access this limited time offer, please visit

SkySQL Ab can also be found on Twitter.

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