There should be an image here!If anyone who reads Lockergnome reads Gizmodo, then you’ve seen this story about the new “Super Wi-Fi.”

Super Wi-Fi seems to be to greatest thing to happen to Wi-Fi. If I was using Super Wi-Fi right now, I may be able to access my home’s Wi-Fi connection from my school. That would be totally awesome. Why would it be awesome?

1. Use the restaurant Wi-Fi from miles away.
When Super Wi-Fi equipment is of the norm 5 or 10 years from now, lots of people will be using it. This includes restaurants. When you are, say, across the street from a restaurant or even miles away you will still be able to use the Wi-Fi connection without having to connect to another network. This would be awesome if you had an iPod touch and you didn’t have access to 3G.

2. Never use your 3G again.
You might never have to use 3G again if you are always in range of a “Super Wi-Fi network” wherever you go. You could use it safely knowing that you are saving your 3G connection in case you ever needed to use it. This is if you are on a wireless network without an “unlimited” plan. This may sound stupid to you, but if you are in a big city, and you live near where you work or go to school, you could use your Wi-Fi everywhere you normally go.

But here’s the catch:

Super Wi-Fi is going to be on a different spectrum. You will need new equipment to use it. Devices like the iPod touch and iPhone will need to be updated by Apple to use the technology. You will have to buy new equipment to use it. This means spending however much this equipment is just to get Wi-Fi farther away. This may be worth it though. We will just have to wait until it comes out to see how much it will cost.

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