Costco which is the third largest retailer here in the U.S. of A. , has decided to stop selling the popular Apple iPod. It seems that Apple has given the OK to rival retailers to sell the device, but not to Costco. Costco is now dumping current inventories of the Apple iPod and will not be offering the device in the future.

this is not the first time that Costco has pulled a major item from their inventory. Last year Costco got into a disagreement with the folks at Coke and pulled their products as well.

Personally I find this type of behavior silly. I know when I go into a restaurant and order a Coke, they ask if Pepsi would be OK. Heck, they taste the same to me. I for one do not care. If I had my heart set on an iPod I would just shop elsewhere.

What about you?

Comments welcome.

Source – iLounge