Which gives the user all the usual Acrobat features, and now, the sandboxing feature spoken of for quite some time – but it looks as though that the rest of us who don’t need to author, but merely read, PDF files, will have to wait, possibly becoming infected or having our PCs taken over by a third party, as Adobe has not seen fit to release the Reader by itself.

Will this stand?

[Maximum PC]

We’re all for beefing up the security in Adobe’s Acrobat products, and that’s one of the things the software maker has done with its new Acrobat X family, which includes Acrobat X, Reader X, the Acrobat X Suite, and new document exchange services at Acrobat.com.

The Acrobat X platform employs sandboxing security technology (Protected Mode in Reader) designed to mitigate the risks of viewing PDF files.

Acrobat X also brings a bunch of new features to the table, including new guided Actions to simplify multi-step document preparation and publishing processes, new customization capabilities in PDF Portfolios, and new document services available at Acrobat.com to help streamline collaboration.


Maximum PC writes about this as though it was the way things should be, but I for one, don’t really think this is the way it should be at all. If Adobe wants people to continue to use their products, this is no way to treat the user base, or any prospective user, for that matter.


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