First, a disclaimer. I do not know how accurate this web site is, but it is fun just to compute the odds and cost for winning a prize in McDonald’s new 2010 Monopoly Game. Also,  I rarely go to McDonald’s so I haven’t a clue how many Big Mac sandwiches anyone eats just to play the game. With that being said, there is a website where you can enter a prize and see how much you would have to eat in order to win.

In one recent article it stated that:

If you’ve become addicted to McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, you may wonder roughly how many Big Macs you’ll have to eat until you can realistically hope to win a major prize

The number crunchers at Eat With A Spork has some comforting news for you, though. Using the site’s calculator, reader Mike determined you’ll only need to eat 476,991 Big Macs in order to expect to win $500 whopping dollars in prize money.

You can check out how many Big Mac Sandwiches you would need to eat in order to win a prize here.

If you have won a prize playing McDonald’s 2010 Monopoly game, let us know.

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