I am trying MagicJack  and so far it works for me.

Several months ago, I dumped my home phone and went with two cell phones from Straight Talk for my wife and I. The Straight Talks have worked great and not having a home phone was working OK for us. But we have one problem that has surfaced when school started. Our grandson, aged 11, comes to our house after school. When we are not home, he has no phone to use in case of an emergency. So I was looking for an option that would be inexpensive but provide phone service.

I have used VOIP from Vonage before, and it worked flawlessly, after I upgraded my wireless router to one that supported VOIP. I have also read many of the reviews and personal opinions about MagicJack that seem to be divided between success and failure. My buddy Charlie in California has been using MagicJack and recommended I try it, since he has used MagicJack without issue. I had also read stories of people ordering MagicJack from the company and being charged for service before the 30 day trial was finished. So I opted to buy MagicJack from Walgreen, [$39.95 plus tax], since I know I could return it without a problem, during the first 30 days.

I picked up MagicJack Saturday morning and installed it when I got home. I have a 10G wireless service and hooked up MagicJack to a 4-year-old Gateway laptop running Microsoft Windows XP with SP3 installed. The system is a single processor running at 1.6MHz with 1MB of RAM. When you hook up MagicJack to a USB port, it automatically installs the necessary software and handles the registration process. The software installed without any issues. What was annoying is that you have to go through hoops in order to get the unit registered and activated. The hoops are that the company wants to see you a host of additional features which I did not want. Why would I want to sign up for 5 years of service, at a discount, if I didn’t know if MagicJack would even work?

After installation was complete I was assigned a phone number and tested MagicJack. It worked perfectly. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the call quality was excellent, in fact I believe it is better than Vonage. IMO. I have played with MagicJack trying phone calls at different times of the day and thus far it has worked just fine.

I will be doing a follow-up report in about a month and let you know how well, or not so well, MagicJack works.

Is MagicJack for every one? If you have a fast broadband connection and a computer you can leave on all of the time, you may wish to give MagicJack a try. But I would suggest that you read the reviews of MagicJack on the Amazon site. MagicJack may not work for everyone, but so far it is working for me.

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