The mysteries of blogging and the elusive click rate always mystifies me. I will never understand how Google decides which ads are placed on a Web site and how they relate to an article that is written. I also will never understand why readers will click on one ad but not another, when the ads are basically the same. So having blogged here at Lockergnome for the past four years, I have basically come to the conclusion that blogging and ad clicks is a black art confined to better minds than mine. Or is it?

After reading this article over at the WSJ it seems that writing baited ads may not work.

Perfect Market, a company that helps newspapers make their Web sites more profitable, examined the advertising revenue generated from more than 15 million articles from 21 news sites over a three-month period this summer.

Perfect Market measured revenue per page view and found that articles about Social Security were the most valuable, generating an average of $129 for 1,000 page views. Articles about mortgage rates made $93 for every 1,000 page views. On other topics, values for every 1,000 page views were $28 for items about unemployment, $33 for articles on jobs, $20 for articles on the egg recall and $26 for pieces on immigration reform.

By contrast, articles on Lindsay Lohan generated $2.50 for every 1,000 page views.

“There are not a lot of contextual ads on Lindsay Lohan stories,” said Robertson Barrett, the chief strategy officer at Perfect Market.

I have basically given up trying to understand how ad clicks are generated or how the pricing of an ad is decided upon. I just go with the flow, write my articles, and move on.

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Source – WSJ