I was stopped at a rural intersection this morning, with farm fields to the left, right, and ahead of me. As I waited for a few cars to pass, I noticed a roadside sign, directly ahead; it wasn’t advertising a political candidate. It was for a coupon site that I’d never heard of… until now.

We’re in the midst of political silly season, so I expected to see a roadside signs hawking one candidate or another. Alas, this tradition has started a strange trend: roadside advertising for dotcoms.

Each year, lawns and fields are infiltrated by political advertising. The political signs should have permission from the folks that own the private land on which they are placed… and these eyesores are removed after Election Day. The dotcom signs linger after the first Tuesday in November, however, as they trespass on public and private land.

Have you ever visited a website based on seeing its name on a cheap roadside sign — or even on a big expensive billboard?