Reader Robert brought up some interesting facts, regarding different levels of service provided by Verizon. Here is what he said:

Tier One: Verizon full contract postpaid and a few mvnos (Blackdog, Lucky /Myway)

Tier Two: Verizon prepaid with optional roaming. Requires additional payment (Page Plus, Verizon prepaid)

Tier Three: Verizon prepaid native network with no roaming option (least coverage of the three): Straight Talk

Regarding the SIM: That phone (SGH-T401G) is a GSM phone, so must have a SIM.

Verizon coverage (compare red (contract) vs. purple (prepaid) maps:

It appears that if you want inexpensive Verizon and are willing to sacrifice service in the roaming areas, ST is the way to go. Although PagePlus offers a 1200min/1200txt/50mb plan for the same $30 pricetag. It appears you can even use your own CDMA phone and PagePlus is Tier 2.

What do you think about ST vs. PagePlus?

I was not familiar with PagePlus so I took a look at their website. Cost is the same as Straight Talk but you get an additional 200 minutes and 200 texts for $29.95 per month. In addition you do get a higher tier of service. The phones also appear to be of equal quality as to what Straight Talk is offering.

What PagePlus also offers are lower cost plans as well. On their site you can purchase as little as $10 for 100 minutes that last for 120 days. For those who only need a phone in case of emergencies, this seems to be a great deal.

If you currently are using PagePlus let us know what you think of the service.

Comments welcome.