There should be an image here!One man’s failure is another man’s success. While this article presents what they call defining points aimed at proving the alleged failure of Linux on the desktop, oddly no numbers or real proof is actually provided.

Fact of the matter is that desktop Linux simply isn’t held to the same standard of progress as proprietary operating systems. So it fails to make it was successfully in the same venues for selling it, kind of becomes meaningless.

To nail this on the head once and for all, let me put it this way. If Apple or Microsoft fail to deliver on a promise of improvement, it affects a financial bottom line. If Linux happens to have the same issue, nothing happens and development and adoption continues. To the guy at PC World who doesn’t get it, fact is his interpretation of Desktop Linux simply doesn’t matter. It’s a success in households and businesses all over the world. If he is unable to point to it doing tasks that he expects, that is a personal problem, not the problem of the desktop as the desktop doesn’t care.