There should be an image here!Classic digital communication methods like e-mail helped people communicate with other individuals or groups online, but social networking services have taken online communication to the next level. Some of the things that we would have traditionally sent through e-mail are now being shared through Facebook and Twitter. The ways in which we can communicate on the Internet are constantly changing, and a service called micromobs blends some of the old with the new.

This tool is intended for group discussions about a particular topic. For example, your group can include family members or be focused on something like health. You can name your mob and pick a URL based on what it’s about, and once your mob is created, you can invite others to be a part of it. Pictures and links can be shared with other group members, and although the interface will remind you of Facebook and Twitter, e-mail digests are available to keep the old school group communication format alive and well. I’m sure you won’t have to try too hard to find a use for these groups.