There should be an image here!As Mac users like my wife or even desktop Linux users such as myself, we both might laugh at the idea of using an anti-virus for our own operating systems. But with the growth of OS X and its adoption, not to mention the fact there is a flurry of proprietary software available for the platform, it only makes sense to see anti-virus software being a part of that.

Now here’s the rub — do we really need an anti-virus suite on OS X at this point? Truth be told, at this very moment… no. Right now, phishing is a bigger threat than gaining an executable threat through other means at this point on the OS X platform. But will this change in the future?

By no means am I saying that OS X is immune to malware threats — rather, the fact that we are still ahead of the curve, as it were. Bundle this with the fact that malware doesn’t affect every OS in the same way and things can get interesting really quickly. So how will the future of anti-virus protection take shape on the OS X platform? At this point, I think we are still too early. But this could be changing.

[Photo above by Max Klingensmith / CC BY-ND 2.0]