There should be an image here!Never in my life would I have been thinking that I would be pulling for Windows anything. Even in my Windows using days, I used it because it’s what I had to use… not out of choice. Today as I live in a world of multiple desktop options, I have come full circle as I watch people refusing to give Windows Phone 7 an honest chance. Some have even charged that this is the Windows Kin all over again.

I happen to see things a bit differently, in that I believe the phone is being marketed to the wrong segment of users. Having played with some of the early models myself, I think that this is a phone that would appeal to users who no preconceived perceptions as to what a smart phone is and what to expect. Cleaner text, easier to navigate (for new users to smart phones), among other little niceties mean that Microsoft’s best chance is to take the Wii approach and stop trying to compete with established leaders.

Appeal to the untouched market, whomever that may be. That has been my message to Microsoft since trying out the phone firsthand. I say this as there is nothing wrong with it, rather competing in an arena where Android and iOS already are stomping out BlackBerry and WebOS, doesn’t really put Windows Phone 7 into a terribly strong area. Personally, I think that moving to the lesser served market would allow Microsoft to gain a better foothold in the mobile market. Ignoring this advice, I fear that the new Microsoft OS could be a slow start if not a total dud due to its instance in competing with more mature mobile platforms.

[Photo above by Katie Brady / CC BY-ND 2.0]