There should be an image here!Google does a lot of things right. Providing me with accurate search results, offering their users plenty of cool options ranging from email solutions to office suite products on the Web just to name a few. But one thing they have been completely unable to really nail down is the ability to make a go of social networking, Google Style.

The least Google could do is admit that unless they have a very specific need to do so, re-creating the wheel (social network) may be a bad idea. Instead, I see Google having more success with concepts like integrating existing social networks into Google organic results. This, unlike Buzz and other silly attempts, has a future I think we can all get behind.

As for Google trying the next big social media experiment, I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope for it being too much of a success. I mean as it is, I am kind of done with only relying on two networks in Facebook and Twitter. Adding a third or fourth network to my mix, is simply annoying. I just don’t see any added value having Google invest this kind of money into things like this.