There should be an image here!Google are clearly masters of their universe when you consider that in the search market, they make up 91.4% of the search market with EVERYONE else combined, sharing the meager 8.6% slice of the same pie. Clearly this is something to watch. Even worse, Google dominates mobile search with 98.3% and everyone else at 1.7%. This means Google IS search. Sorry Bing.

Seems fairly obvious that Google is becoming much more than a mere search engine. No, they are becoming brokers of information and a means of controlling said information. I don’t know about you, but I find this rather scary. Even if it’s not my info they have access to, the idea of anyone company controlling this kind of data is going to be something we all need to watch closely.

As for where Google is going to end up in the future, it’s difficult to say for sure. One thing is for certain, if the word media appears anywhere in the title, Google is sure to be seeking a presence in that medium. Bundle this with Google’s existing data dominance, I don’t think any one company has a chance in the world of catching up with the search engine giant.