When I read an article this morning about Hulu reducing the price for their Plus plan to $4.95, something struck me as odd. If Hulu Plus was so great why would they be dropping the price in half, from $9.95 to $4.95? I read some of the comments to the original article and one in particular pretty much stated what the problem is:

The problem is that they are cutting all the most appealing content from the service, Hulu Plus has a huge catalog of content, but it’s 95% leftovers from the 80’s, give us current content when and how I want it (quickly and on the devices we want) and people will pay for it, even more than $10/mo, but if they give us 20 y/o content that we might not even have liked the first time, they shouldn’t expect our money.

It’s funny when they get worked up about piracy too, it’s just another market force, people only go to it when they don’t have other valid options, just like they’re doing here.

But it isn’t only Hulu Plus that is coming under fire. Netflix also has their own detractors who complain that much of the content for streaming is old and stale. We are entering into a shift of technologies, similar to what we experienced when we changed over from receiving programming via an antenna and making the switch to cable TV.

I recall many who believed why would anyone pay for content that could be received for free over the airwaves? The main reason was because of the increased content one received with cable. Over the years this has changed with the advent of satellite TV as well. This expansion via satellite allowed those who were unable to get cable, have an alternative option.

I am still waiting to hook up my Roku. Just 9 more until my birthday. I am practicing my surprised look every day. Once I do get it hooked up I’ll be able to try these streaming services from Netflix, Hulu and others to determine how well it works, or doesn’t work for me.

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Source – All Things Digital