You have to love the headlines which state that Google has declared war on the popular over the air network stations. On the surface it would seem that if Google can not stream TV shows from CBS, ABC or NBC, that this would hurt Google TV. But there is just one small problem that may make this a moot point. The TV networks may have a problem blocking out pirated streams of recent TV shows. Even if Google could block out the sites featuring pirated TV show broadcasts, a savvy Internet user may not have any trouble finding the sites on their own.

In a recent article it states that:

Google TV was designed to allow users to easily search for their favorite television shows across local television listings and Web sites offering streaming. Google TV can also run Android apps such as Netflix streaming, Pandora Internet radio and Amazon Video on Demand.

Blocking access to online video may seem like a prudent strategic move in the short term, but the fact is the networks will not thwart Google TV owners who know where to look. Since Google TV comes loaded with the Chrome browser, Google TV owners could just navigate to the many sites that catalog pirate streams of network television. Everyday thousands of people upload recorded broadcast streams to one of the online video services such as Megavideo, ZShare and WiseVid. Other sites then catalog those videos allowing users to find content quickly and easily.

Users are moving towards online video streaming in ever larger numbers and spending more time than ever viewing online video. In September, 175 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 14.4 hours of online video per user, according to metrics firm comScore. The year previous, comScore found that 168 million users in the U.S. watched an average of 9.8 hours of online video during the month of September.

I do not support nor do I condone obtaining TV from pirated sources. But I also realize that this can and will be done so as far as I am concern, the TV networks are playing a silly game, in which they will lose revenue in the end. Google has no qualms about pilfering news from other sources, does anyone believe they will stop others from pilfering TV content?

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Source – Macworld