Today is the day that Microsoft places the requirements on OEMs to no longer install Windows XP on any and all computer systems. The nine-year old system is going to be put to bed by Microsoft, but not by consumers. This afternoon my grandson and his friend were playing an Internet game and guess what OS is on the laptop? Yes, good old reliable Windows XP. It is funny that the old OS can hold its own in this day and age, when Microsoft no longer wishes us to be using it.

In one recent article it stated that:

Netbooks were the last category of PCs on which Microsoft was still allowing XP preloads at this point. Back in April 2008, Microsoft told OEMs that October 22, 2010, would be the day that no more XP Home would be permitted to be preinstalled on new netbooks.

Update: XP preloads are done, but XP downgrades are not, by the way. Best any of us Microsoft watchers can tell, it looks like XP downgrades will be allowed up until 2015. (Microsoft won’t confirm or deny that date.)

Windows XP for many of us remains as a good friend and will remain that way for many years to come. I believe the old girl still has a lot of miles left in her, and will continue to be a popular OS for the foreseeable future.

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Source – ZDNet