Ho-hum. Must be a slow news day for some. Over at ZDNet Ed Bott did another one of those Microsoft vs Apple articles filled with nonsense. Assumptions are being made based on archaic number crunching that can be manipulated to make either company appear to be a winner. But what is unfortunate is that these same arguments have been going on for years. The other comparison that always draws a crowd is the Intel vs AMD postings and which is better. But as I was reading the ZDNet article, one thought kept popping into my mind. It doesn’t matter because it is the consumer who ultimately benefits. So when I read this comment that supported my argument and thoughts, I thought I would share it with you:

The childishness of the comments on tech sites makes it almost unbearable to read them. This is not a zero sum game. And nobody is going to “win.” The more competitive the marketplace, the more companies must compete to maintain their market share, the faster products improve and costs go down. Yeah for capitalism! I don’t care what phone or computer you use. Everyone has their preferences. The more choices we all have, the more the market improves for all of us.

This is exactly what I was thinking and which I have previously written about in past articles. There are no winners. Each of us have our own preferences for not only the computer or phone that we use, but also the browser we select, how we configure our computers, everything that we do on any device that we can configure.

We need to respect each others preferences and use what we feel is best for us. I have been using Windows for so long, I admit that I am just lazy and haven’t made the change. However, I also feel that Windows works just fine for me. How could I be critical of Apple or Linux if I don’t use it? The same goes for those who use Apple or Linux and who criticize Windows. It just gets old folks.

Nobody cares what you use. LOL That is the bottom line!

Comments welcome.

Source – ZDNet