When Microsoft made the announcement that they would be on a 3 year upgrade cycle for Windows, many of us just shook our head. The cost to upgrade out computer systems has become more expensive. More expensive because more of us have multiple computers in our homes and Microsoft has increased the pricing. However, Microsoft did make a 3 upgrade pack of Windows 7 Home Premium available for a reasonable $129.99 at Newegg.

According to one article, Windows 8 may find some resistance, especially from businesses:

“They would certainly like to upgrade only to every other edition,” said Michael Silver of Gartner, referring to businesses. “If Windows 8 comes out in two years, I think that’s likely to happen, that many [enterprises] will be very suspect about migrating to the next release.”

Silver’s comments came after the Dutch arm of Microsoft announced that the follow-on to Windows — dubbed “Windows 8” by most, if not by Microsoft — will ship in two years, or in 2012.

That timeline fits earlier Microsoft statements that said Windows is on a three-year development plan.

Fatigue, for one thing, said Silver, who cited the slow uptake for Office XP, which appeared just three years after its predecessor, Office 97, as an example. Companies tire of migrating to fast-paced operating system upgrades, largely because of the number of critical applications that may or may not run on a new edition.

I think that a 3 year cycle is a little ambitious. Many like myself, may be reluctant to upgrade. I will get Windows 8, 9 10 whatever when I buy a new PC. I have only upgraded once and that was from Vista to Windows 7. The only reason I did was that I got a free copy of Windows 7 for beta testing the software.

What about you? Will you run to the store when Windows 8 is released to buy yourself a copy? Let us know.

Comments welcome.

Source – Computerworld