So you’ve purchased a Windows Phone 7 smartphone and can’t wait to get started using it. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

1. Arrange Start screen icons – Tap and hold the icon you wish to move until it becomes larger in size, then drag it to a new location.

2. Add new icons to Start screen – From the arrow > applications, tap and hold the selection for about 2 seconds, then drag it to the Start screen.

3. Use Facebook – Add Facebook by going to settings > email & accounts >  add an account > Facebook.

4. Delete apps – From the arrow > applications screen, tap and hold any app and you will be provided an uninstall option.

5. Save image from browser – Just tap and hold any image in the IE web browser and you’ll be able to save the picture.

6. Save image from text message – Just like the browser, tap and hold the image in the messaging app and you can save the picture.

7. Check network bars – Tap the top of the screen to reveal your signal strength.

8. Voice commands – Press and hold the windows button to use voice commands like “Call Jeff” or “Open Messaging”.

9. Set screen timeout – Set how long the screen stays on before sleeping. settings > lock & wallpaper > screen time-out.

10. Sync with OutlookUse the Hotmail connector to sync your phone data with Outlook.

11. Speed dial contacts – In contacts, tap the pin and the contact will be added to the Start screen for easy access.

12. Install apps – The Marketplace app is where you can find and purchase new apps.

13. Make a conference call – Press the down arrow during the first call and you have the option to add call.

14. Change wallpaper – Customize your phone.  Settings > lock & wallpaper >  change wallpaper.

15. Enable flight mode – When going on an airplane or if you just want quiet time, go to settings > flight mode > on.