There should be an image here!The idea for a Mouse Hand Warmer came about after spending many years working long, late hours sitting at a computer. When your mouse hand gets cold — whether due to winter chill or a drafty, overly air conditioned office, there’s really nothing you can do to warm it except stop working or cover it with a warm blanket.

The Mouse Hand Warmer is a contemporary, modern, techie-looking desk accessory in neutral colors of gray fleece with black and white trim. The pouch measures about 12″ x 12″ with a wide front opening to get your hand into and out of it with ease. It’s uses no electricity, so it’s got no wires or cords to get tangled on your desktop.

The Mouse Hand Warmer is easy to keep clean by hand washing with a mild detergent and air drying. Made in the USA.

The Mouse Hand Warmer is $19.95 from Amazon.