I guess I never gave it much thought, but over the years there have been some real losers when it comes to Halloween items that are given out. In fact one of the items, Necco Wafers, are just plain disgusting to eat, even when it wasn’t Halloween. l never could understand why anyone thought these wafers were tasty. It was like eating chalk. No flavor at all.

How about Circus Peanuts?

I am not even sure if this can be considered candy. Circus Peanuts are a marshmallow concoction in the shape of a peanut. The taste is Yuck!

Then there were Milk Duds. They made excellent ammunition if you owned a slug-shot.

Black licorice was never one of my favorites. Yet I liked red.

Abba-Zabba was like eating a brick. Talk about a jaw-breaking experience.

Does anyone remember Wax Lips? I never did understand the fascination with this oddity that I never considered a candy.

What candies did you or do you dislike to receive on Halloween?

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Source – The Penny Friglista

Photo source – Day life