There should be an image here!What is the point of the MacBook Air? I mean for the cost, why not simply go for the gold with the MacBook Pro instead of the Air? In true Apple fashion, the decision that the CD/DVD is a dead media, well that choice is being made for you. Unfortunately reality called and is asking how one who still uses this “dead” media is supposed to react to Macs going away from disc media?

Obviously the Air isn’t going to cut it as a primary computer anymore than the MacBooks standard was supposed to. That is why they have the MacBook Pro and iMac, after all. For ultra-portable, doesn’t the iPad already cover this? Maybe instead, the Air demonstrates that we still need keyboards with tactile sensation and simply relying on screen isn’t cutting. So then which product is coming up as counter-productive here?

To be ultimately clear, this is not anti-Mac in stance at all. More less, asking the question as to why we have an iPad and an Air, competing in the same space for the same dollars? Unlike the Touch and the iPhone, they have very different markets where I see the Air and the iPad, overlapping a bit too much. Then, am I just reading too much into this and can we live in a world with both devices? Guess the market will dictate this one for us.