There should be an image here!I read this latest article with great interest as I work with a company that not only was among the first to provide a working app for Windows Phone 7, they were first (I believe) to have an app working with Windows Tiles. So obviously, I’d love to see success here. Unfortunately, there is a problem.

Once you get past Ballmer saying such foolish things as (quote from above) “I get all kinds of questions about ‘what if you don’t do this or that,’ or blah, blah, blah. BOOM, baby, that’s what we’re going to do!,” the phone does have some strong possibilities going for it.

Despite some key features like copy and paste and multi-tasking, among others, being left off of this release, I think the presentation of the phone is definitely unlike Android or the iOS. While the platform isn’t going to woo many from its competitors over to its side of the fence, with some software updates, I think there is indeed a market for Windows Phone 7 if the obvious shortcomings are addressed.  Zune software is catering to needs otherwise provided by iTunes, so with a little more time in the development oven, I see some potential cooking here.

This brings us to Steve Ballmer. Look, I get it, he runs things. Fine. But for the love of awful PR, please shut him out of the media as he makes everything he comments on look like it’s being generated out of a Kool-Aid factory. He is out of touch, clearly surrounded by people telling him what he wants to hear, and in the end, holds Microsoft back in my honest opinion. Now on a personal level, he may be a nice guy. But his professional image seems to hurt everything it touches.

Windows Phone 7 team — read this article and fix what is missing. Not having access to basics like copy and paste, adding ringtones, or the ability to send MMS messages puts you back to competing with long since outdated versions of the iPhone. Fix this immediately or lose out big time.

As for where you are doing great? Love the tiles, LOVE the large fonts available at the title for each section (great for smart phone newbies), and I love the flow of page to page. In addition, I have read in a few places that development is super easy and this could really help make sure that your mobile app developers want to work with you guys in the future.

That is all.

[Photo above by Eoin Dubsky / CC BY-ND 2.0]