The guys at Iron are wasting no time these days, releasing the update of Iron 7 for Windows, only a short time after the release of the stable version 6. Since SRWare uses the same integer numbering scheme as Chromium, it is easily seen how much SRWare is accomplishing or else how little Google is packing in to successive versions.

Actually, I think that the changes are there, but they are smaller and less noticeable, now that the major features have been fleshed out.

After putting version 7 through its paces for a while, consisting of visiting a few known difficult websites, checking to make sure that all the extensions I have installed work, and trying a few things in the setup area of the program, I’d say that if there are any flaws, they are not glaring. On the other hand, the ability to do certain things has been removed, in accordance with the changes in Chromium 7. Some will like them, others will not. If you’re among the “nots” you’ll want to save your installer for revision 6.0.475.1 which was the previous version.

(The ability to be asked about placing a cookie has been removed, for one item.)

One small thing which is a bit annoying – once again the coders are a bit slow with the versions for the other operating systems, so don’t bother heading to the site if you’re looking for them, either Linux or Mac.

¤ from the SRWare site ¤

New Iron-Version: Stable 7.0.520.0 for Windows

of SRWare Tues October 26, 2010 12:03 am »

We released the new Iron 7 today, Which contains all features and updates from known Chromium 7th The current version is 7.0.520.0.
Mainly this release contains bug and security patches, but there is so GPU rendering included supported (beta). You can activate this over the start menu or with – enable-accelerated-compositing.

Download Installer:
Download Portable:

Also, since this version has the ability to use GPU acceleration, you might want to try this page, to check it out –

Try to open this page … fault.html with and without the acceleration option. You may open some page that is suitable for acceleration and then press Shift-Esc to see Iron tasks. You should see “GPU Process” on the list.

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Actually, I’ve come back to the article (sometimes I hold one in abeyance in case something turns out to be different, or wrong) after using the GPU acceleration feature. Not only was there no problem with anything rendered, the speed increase was nothing short of astonishing. I’m on a 3Mb/s DSL line right now, and pages were loading as if on the old 15/5 FiOS connection I used to have.

You simply must try it – by the way, my video card is an old nVidia 8600 GTS from eVGA, so it is not a speed demon by today’s standards, but it makes things fly. For a comparison, simply change to non-accelerated browsing to see the overall difference. The Microsoft pages used to test Internet Exploder 9beta are very helpful in checking Iron 7 out!


Also, the ability to use Google Translate feature is now showing that option to me on the SRWare German pages. Not sure if it was there before, but it is now either there, or on by default. A nice touch either way.


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