There should be an image here!Believe it or not, I used to get paid to create Web sites, and while I’m happy to not be doing that anymore since it wasn’t exactly for me, I still remember the work that was required. For example, I remember all of the mockups that I had to create over the years. Depending on the goal, sometimes a simple wireframe was all that was needed, but when a more complete mockup was required, I usually used a tool like Photoshop to create something presentable. That can be fine, but if you want to use something a little easier to create mockups before you write code, then you might want to check out jMockups.

Photoshop can definitely be complicated for simple jobs, and that’s why the simplicity of jMockups is so appreciated. Without writing any code, you just drag and drop common Web site elements to quickly assemble a professional looking mockup that will resemble the real thing. You can share your creation through a unique URL to encourage feedback, and you can also export and download the mockup if you want to use it somewhere else. It’s almost enough to make me want to create Web sites again. Almost.