We knew that when Microsoft started threatening to sue Linux developers over some two hundred patents (I believe the figure quoted was 235 over all, but 42 specifically in the kernel.)

But most of the Linux distributions did nothing, with only a couple kowtowing to the Microsoft lawyers’ velvet hammer. Novell was the first to cave, and look where SuSE is now. (OpenSuSE is not doing that well either, for what that is worth. Certainly a small part has to do with users upset by the once-Red Giant bowing to the Blue meanies.)

Now, Microsoft is putting the screws to handset, netbook, and tablet manufacturers who want to use Android instead of something that says Windows.


"It seems Microsoft’s campaign to scare manufacturers away from open source and Linux in particular is proceeding at full force. The latest news is from Digitimes out of Taiwan. Apparently Microsoft is threatening Acer and Asustek to pay Microsoft a license fee for the privilege of deploying Linux on their devices. This time in the form of Android and Chrome OS. So basically this campaign is spreading to PC vendors now. What are the implications of this? Does this mean that if I build PCs with Linux (Ubuntu/ChromeOS/Fedora) and sell them I am at risk of getting sued by Microsoft? "

The problem for Microsoft is, the manufacturers are still going to use Android, as the cost (quoted in the article of the link) of $15 to $17 per device is still below that of using a Microsoft solution.

So Microsoft loses and still collects? That should never stand, and someone or some entity (Google, can you hear me?) needs to do something about it. It is time to roll the dice and make this stop once and for all.

One thing though, first, whomever forces the litigation needs to make sure it does not get heard in that little ole town in backwater Texas.


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