There should be an image here!I hate having to track down a specific item that can be purchased in a store near me. This is usually a big challenge when something new is released. Back in the day, I remember calling a list of stores in my area day after day to see if what I wanted was in stock, and this gets old not only for the caller, but also for the person that has to keep fielding these calls. While these calls still have to be made to some extent today, more and more retailers enable you to see if they have a product in stock at a local store through their Web site. This is a lifesaver, but Milo takes the concept to the next level.

Instead of having to go to each individual retailer to check availability in your area, Milo does all of the work for you. You just search for what you’re looking for and specify the area to search in, and Milo will return results from a number of popular retailers. You’ll see where it’s in stock and be able to read reviews and product information while finding out what you can expect to pay. You can even set a price alert so that you’ll be contacted if the price falls to a more acceptable level. I’ll definitely be using Milo the next time that I have to track something down.