I think most people who have a computer today have a multi-function printer, that is a printer that also scans, copies, etc.  The scanner portion of my printer is something I rarely use.  I have a digital camera and a cell phone that I use to upload pictures directly to my computer.  Recently however, I came across a picture on Facebook of my unit in Desert Storm and wanted to enlarge it.

Since I have little experience with this I tried numerous scanning settings and assumed that using a higher resolution would yield a better picture suitable for enlargement.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  It simply creates a large file size with little, if any, quality improvement.  After trying several settings with little result, I decided to surf the Net for more information on scanning techniques and came across a Web site that has a ton of information.

Scan Tips by Wayne Fulton is a Web site dedicated to helping you make the most of your scanner.  He answers questions as simple as what resolution you should choose to more advanced techniques using the histogram to improve old photos.  The site is not bogged down with unneeded photos or advertisements and is arranged in a simple to navigate set of links based on what you are looking for.  He uses simple, easy to understand instructions and explanations on the capabilities and limitations of what a scanner can and cannot help you with.

From evaluating different scanner capabilities to scanning negatives, this site is great for the beginning user as well as the seasoned scanner guru.