There should be an image here!To a degree, I can see the value in Steve Jobs not wishing to support Adobe Flash on the iPhone/iPad. And yes, he might even have a limited point on how optical media is destined to become a thing of the past. Okay, I can buy into that. But when I hear that something as important as USB 3.0 will not be offered in upcoming Macs offered by Apple, well, clearly Steve is off his rocker!

The rationale is that Apple doesn’t see enough supported devices available yet, in which it can justify the hassle of supporting USB 3.0 in its OS or with its motherboards. To a very narrow degree, Apple might be right here. The technology is very early. So perhaps waiting a bit is wise on behalf of everyone.

What could prove to be a strong counter argument to this, however, is the fact that supported USB 3.0 devices are on the way. Not supporting this with new Macs, in this case, would be foolish. No doubt that Mac users will give this a pass, thanks to the speed of FireWire alternatives already on the market.

[Photo above by Ambuj Saxena / CC BY-ND 2.0]